Sep 30

Father Run’s Sons X-Box Over To “Teach” Him a Lesson

Some say it’s a bit extreme, and others call it “good parenting”… You be the judge:


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Sep 22

Man Sings to 93 Year Old Dying Wife

This is so heart-warming!  93 year old man sings to his wife of 73 years.


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Sep 22

Back to Back No. 1 Singles for The Weeknd



The Weeknd is on top of the world with his music. Click the pic for all the details.


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Sep 15

Drake On Top of the World with BET Hip-Hop Award Nominations!

If you’re reading this, it’s too late! Drake is winning right now… Drake received 12 nominations for the 10th annual awards show, which is set to air Oct. 13th.

Click here for complete list of nominees:

pic credit: screenshot youtube drakevevo


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Sep 14

Ice Cube Ends Concert After Fight Breaks Out

Four or five songs into his set, Ice Cube ended his performance early after a fight broke out in Long Beach.

Complete details here:

pic source: TMZ ice cube video screenshot

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Sep 10

New Apple Products Wow Crowd In San Francisco

Apple's New Top Tier iPad With Increased Storage Goes On Sale


If you are an owner of an Apple product, then you are probably excited about the new changes on the horizon for iPhone, Apple Watch & iPad. Click the PIC to get all the details!

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Sep 8

J. Cole’s Album Goes SALES Platinum: ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’

Congrats J. Cole! His ’2014 Forest Hills Drive’ Album Reaches Platinum Status.

Click pic for complete deets:


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Sep 4

Is Kelly Rowland Signing With Roc Nation?

UK Film Premiere: Valkyrie - Arrivals\

Beyonce’s bestie may be joining the musical army that is Roc Nation. Click image for all the details!

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Sep 4

Rihanna Stuns In New Dior Photo Shoot

Rihanna Plays London Leg Of Her 777 Tour

Rihanna has ALWAYS had a sense of fashion, and you can tell in her latest Dior photo shoot that she posted on IG. Click the pic to see MORE

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Sep 4

5 Steps On How To Be Fierce Like Beyonce!

Cut out the self-deprecation and be fierce like Beyonce! BTW it’s her birthday! (9/4)

Click pic to learn how:


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Sep 3

Janet Jackson Releases Album Art/Tracklisting For “Unbreakable”

Janet Jackson is back…and her new music will be out soon!

Lionsgate's Premiere Of "Why Did I Get Married?" - Arrivals


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Sep 1

Jacket Jackson’s Opener – Tears and Michael Jackson Tribute

It was a long time coming, but it’s here! Jackson Jackson’s tour is in full force and she’s on fire! (more than ever)

Check out here how she opened her tour….tears and a tribute to her brother, the late Michael Jackson.

Click pic to watch opener:

pic source: screenshot splash news online story source: TMZ


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