The Ten Most Rat-Infested Cities in America

October 18, 2016

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The pest-control company Orkin just released its rankings for the 50 most rat-infested cities in America, according to how many extermination calls they got in the past year.  And Chicago took the top spot for the second time in a row.

Here’s the top ten . . .


1.  Chicago.  It was #1 the last time they did the rankings too . . . in 2014.


2.  New York.


3.  D.C.


4.  Los Angeles.


5.  A tie between San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, California.


6.  Baltimore.


7.  Philadelphia.


8.  Minneapolis-Saint Paul.


9.  Detroit.


10.  Denver.



(PR Newswire)



(Check out the rankings for all 50 cities here.)