The Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog Appeals To The Wealthy

October 25, 2016

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Every year around this time, Neiman Marcus releases a Christmas catalog with a few ridiculous gifts that even RICH idiots would find extravagant.  And once again, they didn’t disappoint.

Here are the five absurd things they’re selling this Christmas . . .



1.  A private plane made out of ROSE GOLD for $1.5 million.



2.  A week of living at three English countryside estates and castles, including polo lessons, helicopter rides, and clay pigeon shooting for $700,000.



3.  A walk-on role in the Broadway musical “Waitress” for $30,000.



4.  A slumber party at the Neiman Marcus flagship location in Dallas for 12 people, including food, pajamas, and spa treatments for $120,000.



5.  And one day of private football lessons from JOE MONTANA for $65,000.






(Google “Neiman Marcus fantasy gifts” to see the other things they’re offering.)