Nov 30

The Best Fast Food Place According to Your Zodiac Sign



FULL STORY:  This is really stupid.  But there’s an astrologist named Danielle Paige, who apparently doesn’t take her job too seriously.  And she recently came up with a list of the best fast food places to go to according to your zodiac sign . . .


1.  If you’re an Aries . . . it’s Burger King.  You like trying new things, and they’ve been adding weird new stuff to their menu recently, like their Chicken Cheetos Fries.



2.  If you’re a Taurus . . . Chipotle.  You’re more patient and like being in control.  So you’re more likely to go somewhere that takes longer but serves real food.  And you like to watch them make it, so Subway could also work.



3.  If you’re a Gemini . . . Arby’s.  Or anywhere else that has a huge menu with lots of stuff to choose from.



4.  If you’re a Cancer . . . a bucket of chicken from KFC.  Or something like a pizza that you can share with other people.



5.  If you’re a Leo . . . Taco Bell.  Just like an Aries, you like trying new things that might seem weird to other people.  So go with something like the Doritos Locos Taco.



6.  If you’re a Virgo . . . Panera Bread.  Or anywhere else that serves stuff that’s slightly healthier than normal fast food.



7.  If you’re a Libra . . . Domino’s.  Just like Cancers, you want to be able to order something that’s big and sharable.



8.  If you’re a Scorpio . . . Starbucks.  You’re more about the experience than the food.  So you’re happier in a place with good chairs, free Wi-Fi, and half-decent music.



9.  If you’re a Sagittarius . . . In-N-Out Burger.  Or any other regional fast food place that you can’t just get anywhere.



10.  If you’re a Capricorn . . . McDonald’s.  Capricorns like classic things that remind them of their childhood.  Plus they’re practical, so the fact that it’s cheap is good too.



11.  If you’re an Aquarius . . . Dairy Queen.  Most people never go there, so it seems weirder and more unique.



12.  If you’re a Pisces . . . Wendy’s.  But the explanation is kinda weird.  It basically says you’re an optimist, so you don’t care if the food’s healthy or not.  But if that’s the standard, wouldn’t pretty much ANY fast food place work?




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Nov 22

Do You Wanna Eat Healthier For The Holidays?



Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose weight and still eat like crap?  I’m not saying I have a way to DO that.  Just sayin’, that’s the dream.  And apparently America agrees . . .

According to a new study, 81% of us WANT to eat healthier during the holidays this year, which is great.  But 70% of us have no PLANS to.  So it’s just wishful thinking.

Here are three more stats from the survey . . .



1.  The main reason we want to eat less is so we don’t gain weight.  38% of people said that’s why they wish they’d eat healthier this time of year.



2.  Millennials are more likely than anyone to actually TRY to eat healthy over the next month or so.  30% said they’re planning to do it, compared to 18% of baby boomers.



3.  The type of food guys have the hardest time with this time of year is MEAT.  42% said they “can’t live without it.”  Side dishes are number one for women at 34%.



(PR Newswire)

Nov 18

Cops in Texas Handed Out Turkeys Instead of Tickets


We’ve seen police departments do stuff like this, but I don’t know if we’ve seen the Thanksgiving version before . . .A bunch of people in Fort Worth, Texas got pulled over for minor traffic violations on Wednesday . . . like not wearing a seatbelt, and not using their turn signal.



But instead of giving them tickets, the cops handed out Thanksgiving TURKEYS.



They did it in five different spots around the city, and it looks like they might have focused on lower income areas.



One of the cops told the local news it was a small way of reminding people that the cops are looking out for them.



And one guy who got a turkey said it was pretty inspiring, especially with how much hate there is around the country right now.






(Here are some photos of people getting turkeys.)

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Nov 17

Five Random Facts For Thursday



Here are some random facts for you . . .


1.  The Michelin Man originally was drawn with a glass of champagne in his hand and he was called the “Road Drunkard.”



2.  There’s only one basketball coach in the history of the University of Kansas who has a losing record.  And it is . . . James Naismith, the guy who invented basketball.  He had a .478 winning percentage at Kansas from 1898 to 1907.



3.  The United States Treasury’s official name for the penny ISN’T “penny” . . . it’s “one-cent piece.”



Related Comedy:  The United States Treasury’s official name for the penny ISN’T “penny.”  It’s really supposed to be called a “one-cent piece.”  As in, “Scott Baio doesn’t have a one-cent piece to his name.”



4.  There have been 509 people on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list, and 478 of them have been caught.



5.  There’s only one bridge over the entire Amazon River.



(Fast Co Design / Wikipedia / Treasury / FBI / Wikipedia)

Nov 16

The People’s Choice Nominees Are Out



The nominees for the 2017 “People’s Choice Awards” were released yesterday, and Kevin Hart leads the way with five nominations.  There are a ridiculous 64 categories in all, but here’s a rundown of the biggest ones . . .


Favorite Movie:


“Captain America: Civil War”


“Finding Dory”

“Suicide Squad”




Favorite Movie Actor:


Kevin Hart

Robert Downey Jr.

Ryan Reynolds

Tom Hanks

Will Smith



Favorite Movie Actress:


Anna Kendrick

Jennifer Lawrence

Margot Robbie

Melissa McCarthy

Scarlett Johansson



Favorite Animated Movie Voice:


Bill Murray in “The Jungle Book”

Ellen DeGeneres in “Finding Dory”

Ginnifer Goodwin in “Zootopia”

Jason Bateman in “Zootopia”

Kevin Hart in “The Secret Life of Pets”



Favorite Comedic Movie:


“Bad Moms”

“Central Intelligence”


“How to Be Single”

“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”



Favorite Dramatic Movie:


“Deepwater Horizon”

“Me Before You”

“Miracles from Heaven”

“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”




Favorite Family Movie:


“Alice Through the Looking Glass”

“Finding Dory”

“The Jungle Book”

“The Secret Life of Pets”




Favorite TV Show:


“The Big Bang Theory”

“Grey’s Anatomy”


“Stranger Things”

“The Walking Dead”



Favorite Competition TV Show:


“America’s Got Talent”

“American Ninja Warrior”

“Dancing with the Stars”


“The Voice”



Favorite Daytime TV Host:


Dr. Phil

Ellen DeGeneres

Kelly Ripa

Rachael Ray

Steve Harvey



Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host:


Conan O’Brien

James Corden

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Kimmel

Stephen Colbert



Favorite Male Musical Artist:


Blake Shelton


Justin Timberlake

Shawn Mendes

The Weeknd



Favorite Female Musical Artist:



Ariana Grande


Britney Spears




Favorite Group:


The Chainsmokers


Fifth Harmony

Panic! at the Disco

Twenty One Pilots



Favorite Breakout Artist:


Alessia Cara

The Chainsmokers


Niall Horan




Favorite Album:


“Anti”, Rihanna

“Dangerous Woman”, Ariana Grande

“If I’m Honest”, Blake Shelton

“Lemonade”, Beyoncé

“Views”, Drake



Favorite Song:


“Can’t Stop the Feeling”, Justin Timberlake

“No”, Meghan Trainor

“One Dance”, Drake featuring Kyla and Wizkid

“Pillowtalk”, Zayn

“Work”, Rihanna featuring Drake



Favorite Comedic Collaboration:


Conan O’Brien’s ‘Ride Along’ with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart

Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears’ ‘Mall Mischief’

James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with Adele

‘Lip Sync Battle’ with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum

“Saturday Night Live” with Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon has a complete list of all the nominees.  Voting is open in all categories at the show’s website from now through December 15th.  CBS will air the ceremony live on January 18th.  There’s no word on a host yet.


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Nov 15

Are You Ready For The New Emojis?


There’s a nonprofit organization called the Unicode Consortium and they do all sorts of important things to regulate and standardize the Internet.  But most of us only REALLY care about them because they control EMOJIS.

They just announced 51 new emojis that will be debuting next summer.  Here are some of the ones that caught our eye . . .


1.  A UFO.


2.  A shocked face with the head exploding.


3.  A face with the mouth open vomiting.  (I really need this one.)


4.  A woman breastfeeding.


5.  A sandwich.


6.  A piece of pie.


7.  Tyrannosaurus Rex.


8.  A witch and wizard, vampire, elf, zombie, genie, and mermaid and merman.


9.  An orange heart . . . because I guess the blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and pink hearts aren’t enough.


10.  A woman in a hijab.




(Gizmodo / Unicode) 

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Nov 14

Kate McKinnon Sang “Hallelujah” as Hillary Clinton to Open “SNL”



Well, you knew “Saturday Night Live” was going to have a few things to say about the election, and they started it off with a tribute to both HILLARY CLINTON and the late LEONARD COHEN, by having KATE MCKINNON sing Hallelujah as Hillary. She even got a little teary-eyed.  At the end she looked at the camera and said, “I’m not giving up and neither should you.  And live from New York, it’s Saturday night.”




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Nov 3

Taylor Swift Tops a List of the Highest-Paid Women in Music



The unstoppable list-makers at have released their annual list of ‘The Highest Paid Women in Music,’ and this year, TAYLOR SWIFT is #1, raking in $170 million over the past year or so.

Here’s the Top 10, along with the money they made from things like:  Album and merchandise sales, licensing, publishing royalties, endorsements, and touring.



1.  Taylor Swift, $170 million


2.  Adele, $80.5 million


3.  Madonna, $76.5 million


4.  Rihanna, $75 million


5.  Beyoncé, $54 million


6.  Katy Perry, $41 million


7.  Jennifer Lopez, $39.5 million


8.  Britney Spears, $30.5 million


9.  Shania Twain, $27.5 million


10.  Celine Dion, $27 million



Others who didn’t make the Top 10, but still made eight figures include:  Carrie Underwood, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton, Miranda Lambert, Selena Gomez, Halsey, and G.E.M.

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Nov 1

Five Random Facts For Tuesday



1.  The famous British “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters that have now been parodied a million times were never distributed.  They made the posters in 1939 but decided not to distribute them because they thought it might cause a panic.



2.  When the word “girl” started being used in the 1300s, it just meant a child.  It didn’t specifically refer to a female until the 1400s.



3.  Rhode Island is 93 times smaller than Wyoming but has twice the population.



4.  During the Vietnam War, Krazy Glue was used to seal up wounds on the battlefield.



5.  The little button on the top of a baseball cap is called a squatchee.



(Daily Mail / The Guardian / Index Mundi / Krazy Glue / Uni Watch)