Driving on Less Than Five Hours of Sleep Is as Dangerous as Driving Drunk

December 7, 2016

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You’re smart enough not to drive after you’ve been drinking.  But you ALSO need to be smart enough not to drive after you stayed up until 3:45 A.M. binge watching season four of “Burn Notice”.



A new study found driving on less than five hours of sleep is just as dangerous as driving drunk.



When you’re driving on that little sleep, you’re FOUR times more likely to crash than when you’re well rested.  Driving drunk also increases your risk of a crash by roughly that same amount.



And even driving on less than seven hours of sleep still makes you twice as likely to get into an accident.



So just to make all this even scarier, 35% of people sleep less than seven hours a night, including 12% who usually sleep less than five hours . . . which means a good amount of people you’re sharing the roads with are too tired to drive safely.