The Ten Worst Gifts People Have Gotten from Coworkers

December 9, 2016

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Are you buying presents for any coworkers this year?  22% of us are, according to a new survey.  And 21% are planning to buy something for their boss.

Most people who ARE buying something said they’re spending less than $25 . . . 33% will spend less than $10 . . . and 11% plan to spend $5 or less.  And here are the ten WORST Christmas presents people said they’ve gotten from a coworker . . .



1.  A jar of gravy.


2.  A coconut bra.


3.  A fake lottery ticket.  The kind that makes you THINK you won a bunch of money.


4.  Two left-handed gloves.  We’re assuming that one was a gag gift, or they weren’t paying attention when they bought them.


5.  A stuffed duck.  Not a stuffed animal, a REAL stuffed duck.


6.  Toilet paper that looked like money.


7.  A bottle of dish soap.


8.  A pen holder that looked like a dead body.


9.  A whip.


10.  Post-it Notes . . . which they probably stole from the office.



(PR Newswire)