The 10 Signs of a Classy Man and Woman

December 15, 2016

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Are you classy?  And I don’t mean the way a reality show contestant says “I’m classy” but then takes 15 shots and has sex under the covers while a night vision camera films them.  I mean REAL class.


Here are the 10 signs of a CLASSY MAN, according to a new survey:



1.  He’s respectful of women.


2.  He holds the door for other people.


3.  He takes pride in his appearance.


4.  He stands when a woman sits down at the table.


5.  He takes his hat off inside.


6.  He has a firm handshake.


7.  He knows when to admit he’s wrong.


8.  He owns a tailored suit.


9.  He always smells nice.


10.  He wears ironed shirts.



And here are the 10 signs of a classy woman . . .



1.  She wears subtle make-up.


2.  She ages gracefully.


3.  She has confidence.


4.  She never drinks directly from a bottle.


5.  She accepts compliments well.


6.  She only wears heels she can walk in.


7.  She always smells nice.


8.  She doesn’t downplay her intelligence.


9.  She reveals her cleavage sparingly.


10.  She wears dresses that aren’t too tight or too loose.


(Daily Mail)