Jan 31

Five Stats About Our Coffee-Drinking Habits



According to a new study, 51% of us will have at least one cup of coffee today.  So how many calories could you save if you started drinking it BLACK?


Cream and sugar add about 70 calories per day on average.  Which might not sound like much, but it adds up.  And a lot of Starbucks drinks have way more than that.


About 100,000 people recently took an online survey about their coffee-drinking habits.  Here are five stats from it . . .


1.  49% of us always add cream . . . 38% sometimes do . . . and 13% take it black.  6% said they use cream in the morning, but not if they have coffee later in the day.  (???)


2.  73% of us add sugar, or some sort of artificial sweetener.  That includes 14% who say they just “pile it in.”  27% said they DON’T put sugar in their coffee.


3.  43% of people said they prefer drip coffee, like the kind you make at home.  57% prefer espresso drinks, like they sell at Starbucks.  Lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas are the most popular.


4.  84% of people said they like iced coffee, especially in the summer.  16% hate it no matter how hot it is outside.


5.  65% of people enjoy the Pumpkin Spice latte.  35% think it’s gross.



Jan 30

Five Random Facts For Monday


Here are some random facts for you . . .


1.  Geico came up with its gecko mascot in 1999 when there was a Screen Actors Guild strike that kept them from using live actors.



2.  “Veto” is a Latin word that means “I forbid.”



3.  Walt Disney did the original voice of Mickey Mouse.  He stopped after 17 years when he got too busy and had to turn it over to someone else.



4.  There are whales alive today that have been alive since before “Moby-Dick” was written . . . in 1851.  They’re bowhead whales off the coast of Alaska, and they’re over 200 years old.



5.  During the auditions for “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, Keanu Reeves originally auditioned to play Bill and Alex Winter auditioned to play Ted.  Their parts were switched AFTER casting.



(IP Watchdog / Etymonline / ITATS / Smithsonian / Mental Floss)

Jan 26

The Top Reasons You Haven’t Joined Twitter



Over 317 million people are on Twitter.  But you aren’t one of them.  Here are The Top Reasons You Haven’t Joined Twitter.


People who want to know what you’re thinking can read the toilet stall at Carl’s Jr.



Tweeting is a stupid, impetuous act that eventually comes back to haunt you.  Besides, you’re busy preparing to get married.



The only time you have anything interesting to say, you’re high.  And then you’re too lazy to get off the futon and find your phone.



You’re way too complex to fit anything you have to say in less than 140 characters.  Plus you can’t count to 140 characters.



Nobody wants to hear what you have to say in real life.  Why would that change online?



The same reason you never bought pants:  you know it’s a fad.



It’s easier to stand at a street corner and scream “Me!  Me!  ME!”



You’re one of those freaks who aren’t afraid to leave their basement to interact with others.



It simply regurgitates hearsay, rubbish, and bull crap.  And you can get that from our president.



You prefer to “follow” your favorite celebrities the old fashioned way:  with a pair of binoculars and a windowless van.



You’re married, so you already spend too much time speaking in short, choppy sentences.



You still haven’t even mastered email.



Up until recently, you thought “tweeting” was some weird sex thing.



Typing is just too damn hard on a flip phone.



You just started a cult, so you already have plenty of followers.



You prefer to do your bullying the old-fashioned way:  in person.



You can’t be limited to 140 characters when you have so many brilliant thoughts about “The Bachelor”.



You’re still trying to get a handle on Friendster.



“I don’t need a little blue check mark to determine my self-worth!” you screamed at your computer before crying uncontrollably.



There’s no way you could edit your constant Facebook pleas for “thoughts and prayers” down to 140 characters.



The only 140 characters you care about are the ones on “Game of Thrones”.



You don’t have time to tweet when you’ve got photos of sandwiches to post to Instagram.



It’s nowhere near as quick and efficient as Snapchat for sending women unsolicited pics of your junk.



You can’t, since you spend every waking moment on Grindr.



The only thing you’ll join where everyone else is a complete stranger is an orgy.



You have one of those things called a life.

Jan 25

A Study Finds Kids Like Their Pets More Than Their Siblings

Photo: queenofpaws.com

Photo: queenofpaws.com


If you ask your kid which one of his brothers and sisters he likes the most, and he says, “the dog” . . . that doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a parent.



According to a new study, kids generally like the family PET more than their siblings . . . especially if it’s a dog.



The researchers found that kids LOVE their siblings, but still see them as COMPETITORS for everything from new toys to getting love from their parents.



They don’t have those issues with a dog.  It gives them unconditional love and companionship . . . and they feel like they can safely share SECRETS with the dog, even though it doesn’t understand.



The researchers also say that if you DON’T have a dog, you should probably think about getting one.  They found that having a dog cuts down how often your family gets into fights . . . and it can have a serious positive impact on your kids’ development and happiness.



(Daily Mail)

Jan 24

Here Are the Least Healthy Items at America’s Biggest Fast Food Chains



Thrillist.com just worked with some dietitians to figure out the LEAST healthy item at every fast food chain.  The “winners” are based calories, fat, salt, protein, and the ingredients.  Check ‘em out . . .


1.  Taco Bell:  The DoubleDilla, which is a quesadilla with a ton of chicken and cheese.  It’s got 850 calories, 41 grams of fat, and 2,020 milligrams of sodium.



2.  Burger King:  Bacon King sandwich.  1,040 calories, 69 grams of fat, and 1,900 milligrams of sodium.



3.  Wendy’s:  Dave’s Triple.  1,070 calories and 30 grams of saturated fat.



4.  McDonald’s:  Double Quarter Pounder with cheese.  770 calories, 45 grams of fat, and 1,310 milligrams of sodium.



5.  KFC:  Two-piece Extra Crispy chicken breast.  780 calories, 47 grams of fat, and 1,750 milligrams of sodium.



6.  Panda Express:  Chow mein.  510 calories, 22 grams of fat, and 980 milligrams of sodium.  Even though it’s a side dish, it has more salt than any of the other things on the menu.






Jan 23

Teenagers Literally Don’t Smell the Horrible Odor in Their Rooms



If you’ve got a teenager whose room is legitimate SQUALOR and you’re wondering how they live like that, here’s one answer.  They don’t mind the horrible odor because they literally don’t smell the horrible odor.



A new study out of Denmark found teenagers were less likely than any other age group to recognize the scent of SWEAT and body odor.



And the researchers say that could be why their rooms smell.  Basically, they get used to the scent before they even fully recognize it and realize it’s bad.



Teenagers were also the least likely to recognize the scent of soap.



So what CAN they smell?  Food . . . and not healthy food.  Teenagers were more likely than adults to recognize the scent of Coke, ketchup, cookies, cotton candy, marshmallows, and candy bars.



(Daily Mail)

Jan 20

Four Ways You’re Putting Yourself at Risk of Catching the Flu Without Realizing It

We’re at the peak of flu season.  Here are four ways you might be putting yourself at risk without even realizing it . . .


1.  Washing your hands incorrectly.  Washing your hands is one of the best defenses against the flu . . . but you’ve gotta do it right.  That means washing with soap and warm water for 20 seconds or more.


And even though that doesn’t SOUND like a long time, less than half of people actually do it.  One way to keep yourself accountable is to sing “Happy Birthday” in your head twice while washing your hands . . . that should get you close to 20 seconds.


2.  Relying on antibacterial hand gel.  First, check the ingredients in your hand sanitizer . . . it should contain 60% to 95% alcohol, ethanol, or isopropanol, to work best.  And it doesn’t replace old-fashioned hand-washing, which is always better.


3.  Hitting the gym.  It’s true that exercising DOES keep your immune system strong against the flu.  But the gym is also a great place to pick up viruses, like from the sweaty treadmill, weight benches, and the locker room.


4.  Worrying too much.  Just worrying about getting sick can weaken your immune system and make you more likely to get sick.  So try to keep things in perspective.




Jan 17

Four Weird Things That Can Make You Fail a Drug Test


Remember the “Seinfeld” episode where Elaine tests positive for opium because she ate poppy seeds?  Well, studies have found that CAN actually happen.  Especially if you eat them an hour or two before you get tested.


Here are four more weird things that can make you fail a drug test . . .



1.  Tonic water.  It has quinine in it, which is sometimes mixed with street drugs.  (Pronounced KWY-nine.)  So if it shows up on a drug test, they might think you’re on something.  The tonic water from one gin and tonic can be enough to do it.



2.  Cold medicines.  A study in 2010 found that some decongestants can make you test positive for METH.  And certain types of antibiotics can make you test positive for opiates like heroin.



3.  A high dose of Ibuprofen.  It can mess with the test and make it look like you have marijuana in your system.  So if you have a headache the day before a drug test, you should take aspirin or Tylenol, not Advil.



4.  Baby soap.  Sometimes newborns are tested to find out if the mom was on anything.  It’s not clear why, but a study in 2012 found that some types of baby soap that are used in hospitals can cause false positives for marijuana.



(Live Science / MedicalDaily.com)

Jan 12

If You Make the Peace Sign in a Selfie, Hackers Might Steal Your Fingerprints



You should probably stop making the PEACE SIGN in your selfies.  And not just because “peace” is so un-trendy right now.

According to the National Institute of Informatics in Japan, hackers actually have the ability to steal and clone your fingerprints from your pictures.

But, before you panic too much, it’s pretty complicated and there’s not that much they could do with them if they do steal them.  But the mere fact that it’s possible is pretty crazy.




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Jan 11

Which Girl Scout Cookie Is the Best?

Photo: Hollywood Life

Photo: Hollywood Life


We’re almost at Girl Scout Cookie season, but before we eat them, first let’s take some time to JUDGE them.

Buzzfeed just ran a survey where people ranked the Girl Scout Cookie flavors.  Here are the results.  Since most of the cookies have two different names in different regions, we’re using both of them . . .



1.  Thin Mints, 34%.


2.  Caramel deLites / Samoas, 33% . . . vanilla cookies with caramel, coconut, and chocolate stripes.


3.  Peanut Butter Patties / Tagalongs, 18% . . . peanut butter covered in chocolate.


4.  Shortbread / Trefoils, 4%.


5.  Lemonades, 3% . . . shortbread with lemon icing.


6.  Peanut Butter Sandwich / Do-si-dos, 3% . . . oatmeal cookies with peanut butter in between.


7.  Thanks-A-Lot, 2% . . . shortbread with fudge on the bottom.


8.  Trios, 1% . . . gluten-free peanut butter and oatmeal cookies.




Jan 10

The Top Seven Things That Burn Us Out at Work


Wow, if you’re already burned out on your job by January 10th, it’s going to be a ROUGH year. A new survey found the top seven things that make us get burned out at work.  Check ‘em out . . .


1.  Not making enough money.


2.  An unreasonable workload.


3.  Too much overtime or after hours work.


4.  A bad boss.


5.  Feeling like your job has almost no connection to your company’s strategy.


6.  Negative culture.


7.  Mediocre technology.



The survey also found that HALF of people who leave jobs say one of the reasons is because they got burned out.  And it’s much more likely to happen at big companies than smaller ones.




Jan 9

Five Random Facts For Monday



Here are some random facts for you . . .


1.  Only two football players have ever worn a triple-digit number.



A kicker at the University of Kansas named Bill Bell wore number 100 in 1969 to honor the 100th anniversary of college football . . . and a kicker at West Virginia University named Chuck Kinder wore 100 in 1963 for the state’s centennial.



2.  The “New York Times” had Elizabeth Taylor’s obituary written for so long that the guy who wrote it died SIX YEARS before she did.  The writer was a theater critic who died at age 71 in 2005 . . . Taylor died at age 79 in 2011.



3.  Hot Pockets were called Chunk Stuffers when they debuted in the 1970s.



4.  You can still buy Blockbuster stock.  It’s now a penny stock that trades under the stock symbol BLIAQ, which stands for BB Liquidating.



5.  Your eardrums rupture at 150 decibels . . . slightly louder than a jet engine going off right next to you.  Your lungs would rupture at 200 decibels . . . but it’s impossible for a sound to be louder than 194 decibels, because the air breaks down the sound waves.



(Wikipedia / Wall Street Journal / Wikipedia / Motley Fool / PopSci)

Jan 5

This Is the Busiest Week Ever For Online Dating…



The beginning of the year is always a busy time for online dating, but this year it’s ESPECIALLY busy.


According to Match.com, Tuesday was the biggest day in online dating HISTORY.  And for the rest of this week, people are going to be searching HARD for dates.

The average guy will go through 47 different women’s profiles this week . . . and the average woman will look through 38 different men’s profiles.  And they’ll send messages to at least 20 of them.

The best time to send a message is 9:00 P.M. . . . that’s when you’re most likely to catch someone’s eye and get a response.

But . . . even though people are hitting the dating sites HARD this week, no one’s actually GOING on dates.  People who match up on online dating sites right now are going to wait almost two weeks before they get together for the first time.

Monday, January 16th is the most popular date for people who meet online this week.