Five Random Facts For Monday

January 9, 2017

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Here are some random facts for you . . .


1.  Only two football players have ever worn a triple-digit number.



A kicker at the University of Kansas named Bill Bell wore number 100 in 1969 to honor the 100th anniversary of college football . . . and a kicker at West Virginia University named Chuck Kinder wore 100 in 1963 for the state’s centennial.



2.  The “New York Times” had Elizabeth Taylor’s obituary written for so long that the guy who wrote it died SIX YEARS before she did.  The writer was a theater critic who died at age 71 in 2005 . . . Taylor died at age 79 in 2011.



3.  Hot Pockets were called Chunk Stuffers when they debuted in the 1970s.



4.  You can still buy Blockbuster stock.  It’s now a penny stock that trades under the stock symbol BLIAQ, which stands for BB Liquidating.



5.  Your eardrums rupture at 150 decibels . . . slightly louder than a jet engine going off right next to you.  Your lungs would rupture at 200 decibels . . . but it’s impossible for a sound to be louder than 194 decibels, because the air breaks down the sound waves.



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