Feb 28

Eight Warning Signs of a Nervous Breakdown



A therapist recently posted a list online of eight signs you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  If only a few of them apply, you might just be a little stressed out.  But if they ALL sound way too familiar, take it seriously . . .


1.  You have escape fantasies.  Like you want to pick up and leave everything behind.


2.  You feel like you have no downtime.  Which is common if you have kids.  But it can also be a sign of anxiety and depression.


3.  You struggle to make simple decisions.  It might be because your body’s producing too much of the stress hormone cortisol.


4.  You’ve stopped socializing completely.  You don’t even WANT to, because you’re too overwhelmed with everything else.  So it feels like work.


5.  You can’t sleep.  It’s a classic sign of anxiety and depression.


6.  You’re having panic attacks.  Obviously it’s a sign you’re dealing with major anxiety.


7.  You’re self-sabotaging.  A common example is going out drinking when you know you have to wake up early.  Stress-eating is another one.


8.  It feels like you keep failing at everything.  Which probably isn’t true.  But if you feel like you’re constantly failing at work AND at home, you might be depressed.  (Healthista)

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Feb 23

The Four Ways We Avoid Touching Stuff in Public Bathrooms



The goal when you use a public bathroom is to touch as few things as possible.  And someone recently polled people to find out exactly how we do it.  Here are our top four strategies . . .


1.  Open and close the door with your butt, so you don’t touch the handle.  35% of women and 27% of men do it.  45% of people said they use a paper towel.



2.  “Hover” above the toilet seat.  52% of women do it, which isn’t that surprising.  25% of MEN also do it, which IS kind of surprising.  (Do a solid percentage of men pee sitting down?  Or is that just how some bathroom stalls get SO gross?)



3.  Flush the toilet with your foot.  53% of women do it, and 41% of guys do.  35% of men and women said they push it with their hand, but use toilet paper or paper towels to act as a buffer.



4.  Use a paper towel to use the faucet.  39% of women and 31% of men do it.



Also, about 70% of people said they use bathrooms at specific businesses, because they know they’ll be cleaner.



And the top six things that annoy us in public restrooms are when there’s no toilet paper . . . when the toilet is clogged or hasn’t been flushed . . . when the latch on the stall door doesn’t work . . . when it smells gross in there . . . when the overall appearance is gross . . . and when there aren’t any paper towels.



(PR Newswire)

Feb 17

Four Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Partner’s Day




If you had a great Valentine’s Day this week, and want to keep the love going, here are four easy small things you can do to make your partner’s day . . .



1.  Take a chore off their plate. Just do one extra chore like unloading the dishwasher or walking the dog when it’s their turn.



2.  Give them a compliment.  It’s easy to point out things they’re doing WRONG.  But pointing out what they’re doing RIGHT could make their day.



3.  Ask them about their day.  In the craziness of our everyday lives, it’s easy to forget the basics.  But asking them about their day shows interest in their activities and reminds them that they’re important to you.



4.  Give in now and then.  You don’t always have to “win.”  In an average day, there are probably half a dozen interactions where could give in and let them get their way.  Pick at least ONE and they’ll immediately feel less steam-rolled and more valued.




Feb 16

The Six Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes



Someone asked a nutritionist to list the most common mistakes we make when we’re trying to lose weight.


Here are the top six . . .



1.  Buying low-fat versions of everything.  They usually add more salt and sugar to make them taste good, so it doesn’t really help that much.



2.  Only doing cardio, and not lifting weights.  Adding muscle is what kick-starts your metabolism.  So you should really do both.



3.  Not getting enough sleep.  You’re more likely to gain weight if you get less than six hours a night.  Seven or eight hours is ideal.



4.  Setting unrealistic goals.  You have to think long term, and not expect to lose a ton of weight overnight.  Otherwise you’ll get discouraged.



5.  Not drinking enough water.  It makes you feel full, so you’re less likely to snack.  You’re also less likely to drink stuff like soda and juice that have a lot of empty calories.



6.  Weighing yourself too much.  Your weight fluctuates during the day, so there’s no point in weighing yourself more than once.  At most, you should only weigh yourself once a day, either in the morning or at night.



(Indy100.com / Women’s Health)

Feb 15

Are These the 20 Best Stand-Up Comics of All Time?



“Rolling Stone” put together a list of ‘The 50 Best Stand-Up Comics of All Time.’  They say they considered, quote, “artistic merit, technical proficiency, sense of timing, quality of their written material, their delivery, and degree of influence.”

And they mostly focused on modern day comics, which basically means they weren’t interested in actually researching comedians outside the past 40 or 50 years, but they still wanted to call it a list of the best of “ALL TIME”.  (???)


Anyway, here’s the Top 20:



1.  Richard Pryor


2.  George Carlin


3.  Lenny Bruce


4.  Louis C.K.


5.  Chris Rock


6.  Joan Rivers


7.  Jerry Seinfeld


8.  Bill Cosby


9.  Dave Chappelle


10.  Mort Sahl


11.  Steve Martin


12.  Robin Williams


13.  Bill Hicks


14.  Andy Kaufman


15.  Steven Wright


16.  Billy Connolly


17.  Bill Burr


18.  Kevin Hart


19.  Albert Brooks


20.  Mitch Hedberg


Feb 13

On This Day In Black History: February 13

BHM 17


1923;  The first Black professional basketball team “The Renaissance” organized.


1970;  The New York Stock Exchange admits its first Black member, Joseph Searles.


1635;  America’s first public school, the Boston Latin School, opened in Boston. Black students were excluded from attending.


1892;  The first African American performers, the World’s Fair Colored Opera Company, appear at Carnegie Hall.


1818;  Absalom Jones, the first African American Episcopal priest ordained in the U.S. , dies.






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Feb 10

Four Ways to Eat at a Restaurant for Free or Cheap on Valentine’s Day



Americans will spend almost $4 BILLION on a night out for Valentine’s Day this year.  If you’re looking to save some cash, here are four restaurants offering promotions that will let you eat for free or cheap . . .


1.  Hooters.  We already told you about this one . . . but Hooters will give you 10 free wings if you bring in a picture of your ex and let them shred it for you.



2.  Fogo de Chão.  If you make a reservation to have dinner anytime between TODAY and Valentine’s Day, you’ll receive a complimentary lunch or dinner card that you can return and use any time before the end of April.



3.  Qdoba Mexican Eats.  They’re doing a promotion called “Qdoba for a Kiss”, which is good for a buy-one-get-one-free entree on Valentine’s Day.  You just have to kiss your significant other . . . or if you’re single, they say you can plant one on a photo of your favorite celebrity on your cell phone.



4.  Waffle House.  Waffle House probably isn’t the restaurant you think of when you’re trying to be ROMANTIC.  But many locations go all out for Valentine’s Day with candles, dim lights, cloth napkins, tablecloths, and specials like rib-eye and eggs.  Call your location to see if they’re participating and to make reservations.



(Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Feb 9

Five Random Facts For Thursday




Here are some random facts for you . . .


1.  The head football coach at the University of Michigan from 1897 to 1899 quit to prospect for gold in Alaska . . . and he actually was successful and struck it rich in 1908.



2.  The country of San Marino has played 139 international soccer matches . . . and won one.  They beat Liechtenstein in 2004.



3.  Happy hours have been banned in Ireland since 2003.



4.  The guy who wrote the “Bah dah dah dah dah, I’m lovin’ it” jingle for McDonald’s committed suicide five years later, in 2008.  He was a 40-year-old named Paul Tilley from Chicago.



5.  There are four American cities that have a VOLCANO within city limits:  Portland, Oregon . . . Bend, Oregon . . . Jackson, Mississippi . . . and Honolulu, Hawaii.



(Wikipedia / Wikipedia / Morning Advertiser / Mirror / Wikipedia)

Feb 6

The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookies in Every State



There are 10 different types of Girl Scout Cookies, but only a few that people ACTUALLY pay attention to.


The website Influenster.com just ran a survey to find the most popular type of Girl Scout Cookies in every state . . . and two types dominated.



Thin Mints are the most popular cookie in 24 states, and Samoas are the most popular in 18 states.  (You may know Samoas as Caramel deLites, by the way, since the cookies have different names in different parts of the country.)



Tagalongs, also known as Peanut Butter Patties, were the most popular in seven states . . . and Do-si-dos, also known as Peanut Butter Sandwiches, were the most popular in two states.



Because we’re weird, we also calculated how many electoral votes each cookie got, because literally everything has to be connected back to politics these days.



And even though Thin Mints won 24 states, they lost the Electoral College . . . by one vote.  Thin Mints got 242 electoral votes . . . Samoas got 243.



Tagalongs got 47, and Do-si-dos got six.  Man.  We won’t even let third parties have a chance in Girl Scout Cookie elections.





Feb 3

Five Random Facts For Friday


Here are some random facts for you . . .


1.  In Florida, anyone can execute a criminal on death row.  You apply and get paid $150 if they pick you to do it.



2.  People are the only animals with chins.



3.  There hasn’t been a white guy who’s started at cornerback in the NFL since 2002.



4.  The name “Gary” is only popular thanks to the actor Gary Cooper . . . whose real name is actually Frank Cooper.  He adopted the first name Gary after the city of Gary, Indiana because it seemed like a TOUGH place and he wanted to be tough.



5.  The plural of the word “beef” is . . . beeves.



(Florida Department of Corrections / The Atlantic / Complex / Wikipedia / Merriam-Webster)

Feb 1

Four Lunch Habits That Make You Gain Weight



The easiest way to eat healthy at work is to pack your own lunch.  You can also save a lot of money that way.  But here are four easy ways to cut down on calories, even if you go out for lunch . . .


1.  Stop deciding what to eat at the last minute.  A study last year found we consume fewer calories if we order lunch an hour ahead of time.  Partly because we don’t make healthy choices when we’re starving.



2.  Don’t schedule meetings or anything else that’s stressful right before lunch.  A study in 2015 found we tend to make unhealthy choices right after a stressful event.  There’s less activity in the part of your brain that’s associated with self-control.



3.  Don’t always eat with other people.  The portions at most restaurants are way too big.  And we tend to eat more if someone we’re with is stuffing their face too.  Don’t be anti-social about it, but it’s okay to eat by yourself sometimes.



4.  Don’t eat out of the container your food comes in.  You’re much more likely to eat ALL of it if it’s in the container, so put it on a plate first.  Whatever won’t fit can be dinner, or lunch the next day.  You’ll cut calories, and save some money.