Five Random Facts For Monday

March 27, 2017

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Here are some random facts for you . . .


1.  The NHL is the only major pro sports league to lose an entire season over a strike or a lockout.  The 2004-2005 season was canceled from a lockout.



2.  About 27.7 million tons of dust blows from the Sahara Desert across the Atlantic Ocean to the Amazon rainforest every year.



3.  If you have three quarters, four dimes, and four pennies, you have $1.19 . . . but you can’t make exact change for a dollar.



4.  The shortest war in history was the U.K. versus Zanzibar on August 27th, 1896.  Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes.



5.  Steve Guttenberg beat out HUGE competition to be the star of “Police Academy”.  Other actors who auditioned for the role include Bruce Willis, Michael Keaton, Tom Hanks, and Judge Reinhold.



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