78% of Bosses Say Having a Sense of Humor at Work Is Important

March 29, 2017

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Everyone HERE has to worry about being funny and interesting every day.  But should you worry about it at your job too?



According to a new survey, 78% of bosses think it’s at least somewhat important for employees to have a sense of humor at work.  It helps everyone bond, and helps keep things light.



22% said it’s very important . . . 56% said it’s somewhat important . . . and the other 22% said it’s not important at all.



That doesn’t mean you need to start telling one-liners or force it.  Just joking around and laughing at other people’s jokes is fine.



There are a few things you should AVOID though . . .



Don’t crack jokes during a serious meeting.  Be careful about trying to be funny or sarcastic in emails, because it doesn’t always land.  Make fun of yourself, but not other people.  And try to keep it as G-rated as possible.



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