11 Reality and Game Shows Need to Be Revived

March 30, 2017

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All kinds of TV shows are being revived these days . . . including the recently-announced returns of “Cash Cab” and “Trading Spaces”.   So, E! News put together a list of 11 reality and game shows that “need” to be brought back.


Here’s the list, in no particular order . . .



1.  “Hollywood Squares”, NBC and syndication


2.  “The Surreal Life”, The WB and VH1


3.  “Remote Control”, MTV


4.  “Nick Arcade”, Nickelodeon


5.  “Guts”, Nickelodeon


6.  “Supermarket Sweep”, Lifetime


7.  “Shop ‘Til You Drop”, Lifetime and The Family Channel


8.  “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist”, Bravo


9.  “ElimiDate”, syndication


10.  “What Not to Wear”, TLC


11.  “Kid Nation”, CBS  (???)