Beyoncé's Social Media Posts Are Worth $1 Million Apiece?

April 5, 2017

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BEYONCÉ is supposedly the most influential person on social media, which might not be THAT surprising when you consider that she has that whole ‘BeyHive’ army constantly ready to pounce on anything Beyoncé-related.


A service called D’Marie Analytics looked into her social media profiles, and crunched the numbers . . . including more than 56 different ‘metrics’ . . . and they determined that Beyoncé is the most influential celebrity, and that each one of her posts is worth $1 million.



That’s apparently just from a hypothetical marketing standpoint . . . not that her posts would be worth $1 million if you printed them off and put them on eBay.



She doesn’t have the most followers . . . she trails Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, among others.  But she did get a bump in influence back in February, when her pregnancy photo became the most-liked picture on Instagram.



It has over 10 million likes, surpassing the 6.6 million likes that SELENA GOMEZ has received for what is basically a Coke ad.



Selena is the second-most influential overall.  Each one of her posts is worth $750,000.  Meanwhile, each one of YOUR posts is worth nothing.  Even that one with that HILARIOUS story about your random observation-slash-kid-slash-cat.