Oct 20

54% of Women Think Bald Guys Are Sexy



If you’re single and going bald, you don’t have to stand there feeling sorry for yourself while you watch your hair circle the drain.  A new survey found 54% of women think bald guys are SEXY.

Here are four more stats from the survey . . .


1.  97% of women would date a guy with “minor” hair loss.  So just 3% require a thick, full head of hair.  89% said they’d date a guy with “moderate” hair loss, like a receding hairline or a bald spot.  And 76% would date a guy who’s TOTALLY bald.



2.  When they had women do word association with the word “bald,” the top three words they came up with were “male,” “men,” and “SEXY.”



3.  30% of guys who are going bald THINK it’s negatively affected their love life.  68% said it hasn’t affected it, and just 2% said it’s had a positive effect.



4.  The survey also found the most important thing when you’re dating someone is their personality, followed by their looks . . . their education . . . their job . . . and how much money they make.



(Maxim / Online Doctor)

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Oct 12

How Much Debt is the Average American In?

Photo: medicmadness.com

Photo: medicmadness.com

A new survey found 49% of Americans are in some sort of debt.  So 51% of are currently debt free.  Which actually seems high. For the people who ARE in debt, the median amount is just under $39,000.  And that includes everything from credit cards to mortgages.  Here are four more stats from the survey . . .


1.  39% of Americans owe money on a house . . . 38% have credit card debt . . . 31% have a car loan . . . 27% have student loans . . . and 21% have medical debt.



2.  The average amount of mortgage debt is $60,000, which is the highest.  Then it’s $9,100 in student loans . . . $8,000 in car loans . . . $2,000 on credit cards . . . and $600 in doctor bills.



3.  Women in the survey were just as likely as men to have student loans they’re still paying off.  But they had almost twice as MUCH student loan debt as men . . . $15,000 compared to $8,000.



4.  People earning between $100,000 and $150,000 a year are more likely than anyone else to have credit card debt . . . just under $7,000 on average.




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Sep 22

The 10 Worst Movies of the Summer

Photo: www.cinelinx.com

Photo: www.cinelinx.com


This past summer wasn’t great for the box office . . . and so “Rolling Stone” asked their readers which movie they thought was the WORST.  And here’s how the Top 10 shook out . . .

1.  “Suicide Squad”.  They said the trailer was good, but the actual movie was “boring, confusing, and ultimately pointless.”  And they also mentioned how Jared Leto’s role of the Joker was reduced to a “glorified cameo.”


2.  “Independence Day: Resurgence”


3.  “Ghostbusters”


4.  “X-Men: Apocalypse”


5.  “Captain America: Civil War”.  Which is sort of a weird one to include, since both critics and audiences seemed to like it.  And it made a ton of money.


6.  “Swiss Army Man”, where Daniel Radcliffe plays a bloated, gassy corpse.


7.  “Neon Demon”, a psychological horror thriller starring Elle Fanning.


8.  “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows”


9.  “Ben-Hur”


10.  “Warcraft”


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Sep 15

List of the Highest-Paid TV Actresses


Photo: medicmadness.com

Photo: medicmadness.com


“Modern Family” star SOFIA VERGARA tops the annual “Forbes” list of the ‘Highest-Paid TV Actresses’ for the FIFTH year in a row.  She made an estimated $43 million over the past year. Two-thirds of that was for endorsements and licensing deals . . . for stuff like Head and Shoulders shampoo, the Ninja Coffee Bar, a line of furniture, and even nurse scrubs.

Here are the 15 highest paid TV actresses:


1.  Sofia Vergara from “Modern Family”, $43 million


2.  Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory”, $24.5 million


3.  Mindy Kaling from “The Mindy Project”, $15 million


4.  A tie between Ellen Pompeo from “Grey’s Anatomy” and Mariska Hargitay from “Law & Order: SVU”, both with $14.5 million


6.  Kerry Washington from “Scandal”, $13.5 million


7.  Stana Katic from “Castle”, $12 million


8.  Priyanka Chopra from “Quantico”, $11 million


9.  Julianna Margulies from “The Good Wife”, $10.5 million


10.  Julie Bowen from “Modern Family”, $10 million


11.  Pauley Perrette from “NCIS”, $9.5 million


12.  Patricia Heaton from “The Middle”, $8.5 million


13.  A tie between Emily Deschanel from “Bones” and Julia Louis-Dreyfus from “Veep”, both with $7.5 million


15.  Zooey Deschanel from “New Girl”, $7 million


(For more information, hit up Forbes.com.)

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Aug 19

No Bueno for Jared Fogle

The Jared Fogle-child-porn story is only getting worse!


Click picture for complete story:


source: getty/tmz

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Aug 11

The 10 Best Rap Beefs Ever

source: the boombx.com

source: the boombx.com

Click the pic for more details

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Dec 11

The Morning Show Podcast 12-11-14

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Dec 9

The Morning Show Podcast 12-9-14

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Dec 1

The Morning Show Podcast 12-1-14

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Nov 24

The Morning Show Podcast 11-24-14

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Nov 20

The Morning Show Podcast 11-20-14

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Nov 11

The Morning Show Podcast 11-11-14

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Nov 10

The Morning Show Podcast 11-10-14

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Nov 6

The Morning Show Podcast 11-6-14

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Nov 4

The Morning Show Podcast 11-4-14

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Oct 27

The Morning Show Podcast 10-27-14

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Oct 17

A Guy Wouldn’t Pull Over Because His Wife Was in Labor . . . and It Started a High-Speed Chase

I’m not sure this guy made the right decision here. But for the rest of his life, his wife can NEVER accuse him of not listening.

On Tuesday, a woman in Pomeroy, Iowa named Rachel Kohnen went into labor, and her husband Ben started driving her to the hospital. (We’re not sure on their ages, but we’re guessing mid-30s. Pomeroy is 125 miles northwest of Des Moines.)

Then at some point, a cop saw them doing 85 in a 55. And he didn’t know Rachel was in labor, so he tried to pull them over. Which is when Rachel told Ben she didn’t want to give birth in the car . . . screamed at him to KEEP GOING . . . and he DID.

So now they were in a high-speed CHASE. The cop called for backup, and police set up SPIKE STRIPS. Meanwhile, Rachel called 911 to try to explain. But they couldn’t understand her because she kept screaming from the contractions.

Then right before they got to the hospital, they hit the spike strips, which blew out all four tires on their SUV. And the cops ordered them out of their car at GUNPOINT.

Luckily, they realized Rachel was in labor, and got her to the hospital, where she gave birth about an hour later. So far, Ben and Rachel haven’t been charged with anything. And their new daughter, Hazel, is doing fine.

(story/pic source: WHOTV / NY Daily News)

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Aug 14

JayMarZZ Not So Happy About Shark Week!

pic source: discover.com

JayMarZZ is feeling some type of way with this whole #sharkweek thing! He doesn’t think it should be recognized annually! How do you feel about it?

Discovery Channel's Shark Week

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Aug 8

Pop Culture Quickie and #WTFNews Combined!


Beyonce is taking the stance that a photo is worth a thousand words, and all of her words are saying she and Jay Z aren’t going anywhere… except maybe home!
She posted an Instagram pic yesterday with JayZ and Blue Ivy heading towards their private jet with the caption: “Thank you San Fran! Your city is beautiful. It was the perfect place to complete the best tour of my life!….God Bless!”

pic source: beyonce instagram

Young Money superstars Drake and Lil Wayne want people to really get involved with their upcoming U.S. tour. They have created an interactive app that will allow concertgoers to either choose Drake or Wayne during the show, and give them additional power by pressing separate buttons — just like in ‘Ultra Street Fighter IV.’
BTW, They’ll be in Northern Cali this September the 17th at the Sleep Train Amphitheater! Ticket info is available at www.Hot1035Radio.com

And if you haven’t heard! For just under $1000 YOU can grab Miley Cyrus’ PECKS! Her pre-concert meet and greets cost $995 and there’s a picture online of one guy cupping Miley’s boobs, and she’s totally going along with it. She also pretended to make out with him.


The NBA player formerly known as RON ARTEST is changing his name again. He originally dumped his actual name for METTA WORLD PEACE in the summer of 2011. Now, he’ll be known as: THE PANDAS FRIEND.

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Aug 6

#WTFNews – A Man Mauled by a Bear Was Saved By His Justin Bieber Ringtone

source: daily mail

A 42-year-old guy in Russia was out fishing last week when a huge BEAR jumped him from behind. It started mauling him and he might’ve been killed, but his PHONE rang… and his ringtone was “Baby” by JUSTIN BIEBER. Which startled the bear and made him run off.

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Aug 5

#WTFNews for Tuesday

source: kare

Here’s JayMarZz #WTFNews for today Tuesday, Aug. 5!

Complete Article – 5 Year Old Mayor Loses Re-election

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Jul 23

Husband Documented For 7 Weeks Every Time His Wife Denied him….

pic source: eonline.com

So, a frustrated husband decided to layout on an excel spreadsheet every time his wife denied him SEX. Right before she was going to head out on a 10-day business trip, he e-mailed her the spreadsheet that displayed the 3 yes’ and 46 no’s…which included the reason’s she gave on the day’s she said NO. She turned around and posted it on Reddit.

Complete deets here…

Husband Makes Spreadsheet of Wife’s Excuses for Not Having Sex


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Jul 14

Five Reasons Why It Isn’t Hypocritical for Cavs Fans to Embrace LeBron James Once Again

pic source: nba.com

The sports media has been obsessed with reminding us about the rough fall-out from LEBRON JAMES’ first “decision” four years ago… fans burning jerseys, owner Dan Gilbert’s nasty open letter to LeBron, and so on.

So, with that in mind, here are five reasons it is NOT hypocritical or weak for Cleveland to welcome LeBron back with open arms now:

1. Cleveland’s tantrum was understandable. While Gilbert’s open letter to LeBron was unprofessional and he shouldn’t have written it . . . make no mistake about it, LeBron’s public breakup with the Cavs was downright COLD.

For perspective, it was very much like your high school sweetheart announcing that they’re leaving you . . . without any advance warning . . . on national TV.

2. It’s been four years . . . also, Cleveland still hasn’t won anything. Despite what you may have been led to believe, Cleveland had moved on. Yes, there were still complicated feelings toward him, but the hatchet had largely been buried.

Also, it’s been 50 YEARS since Cleveland has won a championship, dating back to the Browns’ pre-Super Bowl-era title in 1964. The city is starving for a winner.

3. LeBron said all the right things in his letter. Instead of merely returning, LeBron’s love letter to Cleveland made it clear where his heart is . . . and that he’s truly sorry for how his departure in 2010 was conducted.

Not to mention the fact that he’s a superstar who actually WANTS to be in Cleveland. You’d be hard pressed to find a star player in any sport who’s said they want to be in Cleveland, aside from old-school quarterback Bernie Kosar.

4. LeBron is coming back in his prime, to a team that isn’t good yet. Some Cleveland fans thought LeBron would be back in a Cavs uniform at some point. But most of them assumed it would just be a symbolic thing at the very end of his career, when he could no longer LEAD them to a title.

LeBron could’ve easily gone back to Miami, or another big-market city and played with his friends . . . but instead, he made the sacrifice of coming back now, when the Cavs are still a young, unproven team that doesn’t seem ready to win it all.

5. LeBron is returning for good. It wouldn’t mean much if LeBron came back without a long-term commitment. But he said he hopes to RETIRE in Cleveland.

Of course, you never know what the future holds, and if anybody can screw things up, it’s Cleveland. But LeBron is genuinely giving himself to the city, in the hopes of bringing them something they haven’t witnessed in 50 years.

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Jul 9

Five Random Facts For Wednesday

Here are some random facts for you  today…

1. The first place in the U.S. to use 911 as its emergency number was Haleyville, Alabama in February of 1968. The second place was Nome, Alaska a few weeks later.

2. Sliced bread was sold for the first time 86 years ago this week, in Chillicothe, Missouri.

3. On average, gas in Venezuela sells for about four cents a gallon.

4. The Wright Brothers didn’t really pioneer flying together. Wilbur did basically all the work . . . but gave Orville half the credit so his feelings wouldn’t be hurt.

5. A government study in 2010 found that getting AROUSED helps your memory . . . and people are more likely to remember things they learn right after they watch porn.

(source: Gizmodo/Mental Floss/Bloomberg/Biographile/NIH)

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Jul 8

Retired NFL Settlement

pic source: nfl twitter

On Monday, a federal judge approved a preliminary settlement in a class action lawsuit filed by thousands of former NLF players against the NFL.  Here’s the deal, if the settlement goes thru, retired eligible NLF players will receive a neurological examination, and if diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, or dementia…the retired player will get paid.  If the former player is 65 already, he’ll receive his money up front.




story source: cnn.com


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Jul 3

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About the Fourth of July

pic source: 4thofjulyimages.com

Here are some interesting facts you might not know about the Fourth of July:  The Declaration of Independence WASN’T signed on July 4th . . . Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4th, 1826 . . . and it didn’t become an official holiday until 1941.

Get the full scoop here…

1.  When did we declare independence from Great Britain?  July 4th, 1776?  WRONG. It was July 2nd.  In fact, John Adams expected July 2nd to be our national independence day.

2.  When was the Declaration of Independence SIGNED?  July 4th, 1776, right?  WRONG.  It was signed by 56 different people over a six-month period.  And most of them signed on August 2nd, 1776.  It was formally ADOPTED by the Continental Congress on July 4th.

3.  The first public reading of the Declaration was on July 8th, 1776 in Philadelphia.  They rang the Liberty Bell to summon people to Independence Hall for the reading.

4.  John McKean was the last person to sign the Declaration, in January of 1777.

5.  The word “patriotism” comes from the Latin word “patria,” meaning “fatherland.”  So if you’re a patriotic American, you’re saying the United States is your FATHERLAND.

6.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on the 50th anniversary of the first Independence Day . . . July 4th, 1826.

7.  Congress didn’t make the Fourth a federal holiday until 1941.

Source: AllProudAmericans

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Jul 1

California Minimun Wage Raised To $9 An Hour

Effective July 1, 2014 minimum wage for Californians was raised from $8 to $9 an hour.  Minimum wage was previously $8 an hour.  So if you were getting paid $9 or more before, this does not effect your pay (sorry).

It goes up again January 1, 2016 to $10 an hour.

Seattle ain’t got nothin’ on us!

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Jun 30

BET Awards Quick Recap

BET Awards went down last night!

Beyonce was the big winner, with four awards.  Pharrell and August Alsina won two a piece.  One of the more interesting moments was when Robin Thicke performed, he introed with: “I’d like to dedicate this song to my wife.  I miss you and I’m sorry.”

Nicki Minaj was crowned BEST FEMALE HIP HOP ARTIST, and it’s rumored that her speech was a side swipe to Iggy Azalea…saying: “If you hear Nicki Minaj spit…Nicki Minaj wrote it!”

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Jun 9

Miss Nevada Crowned Miss USA 2014!

pic source: stacy revere/getty

Over the weekend Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez, was crowned Miss USA 2014.  Nia Sanchez is a fourth-degree black belt in the korean martial art of taekwondo.  Not bad for the 24 year old from Las Vegas.

More details here:

Miss Nevada Crowned Miss USA 2014!

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May 30

A Homeless Kid Is the Valedictorian of His Class . . . and the Internet Is Raising Thousands of Dollars for His College Fund

18-year-old Griffin Furlong of Jacksonville, Florida lost his mom to leukemia when he was six. And for two years, he lived in a homeless shelter with his father and two brothers.

They moved into a house when he was in sixth grade, but never had much money. And recently they became homeless again.

But after all that, Griffin is graduating high school next week . . . as the VALEDICTORIAN. Then he’s headed to Florida State to study civil engineering.

Despite his grades, he hasn’t been able to get a scholarship, only grants. Which won’t be enough to cover his tuition, books, food, and housing. But Griffin says he’ll manage somehow, and that he does it all for his mom.

Luckily, someone set up a fundraising page for him last week on GoFundMe.com. And since then, over $50,000 has been donated for his college fund. If you want to donate, go to GoFundMe.com and search for “Homeless Valedictorian.”
Here’s a picture of Griffin with his girlfriend.