Alec Baldwin Brings The Funny With Trump Impression

October 4, 2016

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ALEC BALDWIN debuted his Donald Trump impression on "Saturday Night Live" over the  weekend, and was GREAT. He was in the first sketch of the night, which was a nine-minute parody of last week's presidential debate.  As usual, Kate McKinnon played Hillary Clinton.  It actually did a pretty good job of skewering BOTH candidates. Check… Read More

[VIDEO] Creepy Clown Footage

September 20, 2016

No Comments   Just in time for Halloween...If you wanna give yourself nightmares, the Cartoon Network show "Off The Air" posted 11 minutes of creepy clown footage.  The creepiest stuff is in the first three minutes though. BOO! Read More

A Bus Driver Saved 20 Kids from a Burning Bus

September 14, 2016

No Comments    A school bus in Maryland caught on FIRE on Monday afternoon.  And there were 20 elementary school kids on board.  It happened in College Park, just outside D.C.The bus driver was a woman named Reneita Smith, and she immediately started getting the kids off the bus, one-by-one.  (We're not sure how old she… Read More

The "Human Skateboard"

September 7, 2016

No Comments   A video called "Human Skateboard" is getting a bunch of hits on YouTube.  It's a stop-motion video where one guy lies on the ground while his friend pretends to ride him.  They even added skateboard sound effects for all the 'tricks' he does. Whoa! Read More