Weird Reasons Movies Were Banned in Other Countries

March 28, 2017

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  American movies are big business around the world . . . but not everything we do translates to other nations and cultures.  Here are some movies that were banned in other countries for weird reasons:   1.  "Back to the Future" in China.  It turns out China has a problem with TIME TRAVEL.  Apparently,… Read More

Five Random Facts For Monday

March 27, 2017

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  Here are some random facts for you . . .   1.  The NHL is the only major pro sports league to lose an entire season over a strike or a lockout.  The 2004-2005 season was canceled from a lockout.     2.  About 27.7 million tons of dust blows from the Sahara Desert… Read More

Five Random Facts For Thursday

March 23, 2017

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    Here are some random facts for you . . .   1.  The words "highbrow" and "lowbrow" come from phrenology, which is an old pseudoscience that measured people's intelligence by the shape of their head.  People with higher brow lines were considered more intelligent.     2.  (And speaking of lowbrow . .… Read More

The Seven Habits for Healthy Skin

March 20, 2017

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    The American Skin Association just put out a list of the seven habits you need if you want to have healthy skin the rest of your life . . .   1.  Minimize your exposure to UV light.  So wear sunscreen, and avoid tanning beds.     2.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Meaning… Read More

Ten Random Things, and the Age You're Best at Them

March 17, 2017

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  Someone looked at a bunch of scientific studies, and came up with a list of random things, and the age when you're BEST at them.  At least statistically.  Here are the ten we thought were interesting . . .   1.  Learning a new language.  Your ability to do it peaks when you're around… Read More

Are These the 16 Greatest Pop Culture Trios?

March 16, 2017

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    "Entertainment Weekly" posted a list of "16 Great Pop Culture Trios."  It's unclear whether or not they're ranked . . . but they ARE numbered, so let's go ahead and assume they're in this order for a reason. They didn't say much about the list, other than that the trios were taken from… Read More

Five Random Facts For Wednesday

March 15, 2017

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  Here are some random facts for you . . .     1.  Sloths are famous for being slow and lazy . . . but they're super fast when it comes to sex.  It only lasts about six seconds.     2.  Cheerios were called CheeriOats when they debuted in 1941.  The name was… Read More

What Are Our Favorite and Least Favorite Fast Food Chains?

March 13, 2017

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  If there's ONE thing that the world can take Americans' word on, it's fast food.  Also which football is the REAL football.  But for today, we're focusing on the fast food thing.   A new study found our favorite and least favorite fast food chains.  Here are the results . . .    … Read More

Five Random Facts For Friday

March 10, 2017

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  Here are some random facts for you . . .     1.  Bill Nye "The Science Guy" doesn't have any degrees in any of the traditional science fields . . . he graduated from Cornell University in 1977 with a degree in mechanical engineering.     2.  Mangos were so popular in the… Read More